Elliot unlocks the mysteries of HOA policies

Elliot unlocks the mysteries of HOA policies and reveals the secret to getting the proper coverage for your association at a price you can afford. For smart board members and property managers (like yourself!) who wish to avoid costly mistakes

21 Things you MUST Think About Before Selecting Your Insurance Agency or Paying Your Next Bill!

Consumer checklist to help California HOAs choose an agent for Association insurance who will check CC&rs for compliance with David Sterling Act, Multi-bid for lowest prices, creatively structure earthquake

7 Common Mistakes Made by Agents on HOA Insurance

Check to see that your HOA policy has no costly errors such as: wrong or missing coverages, inaccurate building values, coverage exclusions, inappropriate liability amounts

D&O Insurance Problems Put HOA Board Members’ Personal Assets at Risk

California board members unknowingly put personal assets at risk when their HOA’s Directors & Officers Liability ( D&O ) policy contains fatal gap in coverage

Vital Insurance Information Your Current Agent Doesn’t Want You to Have

Buying tips from an association insurance expert tells you how to avoid overcharges, gaps and missing coverages that could leave your California HOA vulnerable to unnecessary liability risks and financial losses.

Master Condo Association Insurance Policies – Should you cover unit interiors…

Unit interior coverage errors are a very serious and common problem I frequently uncover when conducting insurance risk reviews for condo associations. The reason…

WARNING – Big Changes are Coming to the Davis-Stirling Act for…

Following is a straightforward summary of the most important new amendments to the Davis-Stirling Common Interest Development Act…

Help for Property Managers Under Pressure from CA HOAs with Budget…

Help for condo property managers in California to save money for cash strapped Hoas who need to buy association insurance at the lowest price possible.

Southern California Association Board Members and Property Managers Praise Insurance Agent

Scores of testimonials from happy insurance clients who purchased Fire insurance, earthquake policies, liability, D&O, E&O, Workers Compensation etc. from us

Southern California Earthquake Disaster Safety Guide for Condominiums

Los Angeles basin earthquake preparedness for condo owners: Earthquakes, Faults, Disaster Plans & Safety.

Q&A: Ask Elliot California Condo Association HOA Insurance Questions Here

Elliot Katzovitz, author, speaker, association insurance expert offers free information on earthquake, D&O, E&O, Liability, workers compensation insurance for HOAs and COAs in Los Angeles and all of California

21 Things You Must Think About Before Selecting Your Insurance Agency Or Paying Your Bill


Is Your Overpriced “Insurance Antique” Bankrupting Your Condo Association?

I don’t need to tell you that the world is a very different place today than it was just a year or two ago. In the blink of an eye the financial meltdown has shattered our long held beliefs about real estate, money and investing.

California HOAs Need Workers Compensation Insurance to Protect Association from Claims

If you and your association are under the false impression that you don’t need work comp insurance because you don’t have anyone on payroll, think again because you could be in for a nasty surprise.

Condo Association Resources

Our goal is provide board members, condominium owners and HOAs with expert insurance advice by offering insurance basics that can help consumers to decipher confusing insurance quotes.

WARNING – Big Changes are Coming to the Davis-Stirling Act for 2012

Following is a straightforward summary of the most important new amendments to the Davis-Stirling Common Interest Development Act which will become operative January 1, 2012.

Calif HOA Workers Comp Insurance Claims Prevention Checklist


Property Mgr Resources

Our goal is provide property managers with expert insurance advice by offering insurance basics that can help them decipher confusing insurance quotes they must obtain for their condo association clients.

Condo Association Insurance Self-Evaluation Form


Commercial Building Insurance Quote Form

Please fill out your contact information below so Elliot Katzovitz Insurance can help you find the right coverage at the best possble price for your commercial building!

Davis-Stirling Common Interest Development Act

The Davis-Stirling Common Interest Development Act is the common name of the portion of the California Civil Code beginning with section 1350 which governs condominium, cooperative, and planned unit development communities in California.

Earthquake Quiz

Test Your Earthquake Knowledge and Get Prepared

State Farm leaves hundreds of California HOAs scrambling for Earthquake Insurance…

It looks like the party’s over folks. As you know, for the past few years I have been advising associations sitting on State Farm…

What is Homeowner Association or HOA Insurance Policy?

Anyone who buys a condo also joins an association called homeowners association (HOA) and pays related fees. HOA is a group of people who are also the property owners in a shared-space.

What Does a Condo Insurance Master Policy Cover?

Condominium ownership is different in certain aspects from owning a traditional single-family home. For example, when you own a condominium you’re also part-owner of what are called “limited common elements.”

What Does HOA Condo Insurance Cover?

Homeowner Associations, HOAs, get hazard and liability insurance for certain areas of condominium projects. However, home owners must understand what HOA insurance covers and what it does not protect.

Six condo insurance questions you might ask

Owners of condominium units obviously do not own the entire condominium complex. Typically, they own their own unit outright and share ownership of the rest of the complex with all the other owners.