Southern California Association Board Members and Property Managers Praise Insurance Agent


Randal Quinn – On Site Mgr   Long Beach
“Elliot is always available to his clients, obtaining information quickly and communicates very well.”

Alex Calzaretta – Board Member  Los Angeles
“We are a small association, 8 units, Elliot helped save us $800 and gave us more insurance as well.”

Jon Wagner – Board Member  West Hollywood
“In a time when just about everything else seems to be collapsing, it’s a sigh of relief to think of the stability of the Katzovitz Agency.”

John Kim- Board Member  San Francisco
“Our broker told us our earthquake premium was going up from $5,630 to $ 6,924. Elliot was able to give us a package policy including earthquake for $1,000 less”.

Jim Hine – Property Manager  Malibu
“Your team does a great job. It’s all about follow through. That’s what makes our job easier.”

Jan Moshier – Board Member  Winnetka
“You’re so easy to get a hold of and get answers quickly. You make insurance issues easier than any other company. “

Steve Ellis-Board Member Santa Monica
“Terrific job- straight shooter.”

Angela Gilland-Board Member  Murietta
“Always courteous professional and helpful any time I have needed help. I always get my answer!”

James Mason-Board Member  Los Angeles
“EKIA consistently provides quality service affordable product and keeps us posted of any law changes for HOAs “

Andrew Fahl –Board Member  Los Angeles
“I really feel we are more protected now than ever before.”

Brian McDonald – Board Member  San Francisco
“Found us earthquake coverage when regular broker said it didn’t exist or wasn’t available for condo units.”

Steve Ellis – Board Member  Santa Monica
“Everything went very well. Very thorough & always available to answer questions and respond to emails. Great staff.”

Bianca Berredo – Property Manager   Sherman Oaks
“Thank you for your hard work and positive, friendly attitude.”

Jennifer Shenk –Property Manager  Pasadena
“Thank you for being such a great company to work with!”

Casey Crecelius – Board Member   San Diego
“Communication over email was prompt and helpful, fitting into my busy work day.”

Eric Blackburn – Property Manager  San Diego
“ The Elliot Katzovitz Insurance Agency’s excellent customer service and attention to detail is what sets them apart from other insurance companies. They take care of their customers.”

Joel Myerson Board Member   Santa Monica
“ EKIA has always stayed on top of our HOA account and has helped make us more ware of HOA related issues. . .”

Charles Pell – Board Member  Santa Monica
“ I have always been impressed by how fast any request is acted upon. Your agency is on top of everything at all times. Very Impressive!

Danny Hill – Property Manager  Beverly Hills
“Elliot’s objective about what’s best for the property, even if that means going with a different agent. He’s willing to explain policy provisions to clients and meet with them.”

Renee Wager – Board Member  Santa Monica
“Saved our Homeowners Association money on Earthquake and other insurance policy. Elliot Katzovitz has attended many HOA meetings to answer questions.

Renee Wager – Board Member  Santa Monica
“Has saved our homeowners association thousands of dollars & always replies promptly to any questions.”

Albert Cioni Board Member   Los Angeles
“Elliot is the most knowledgeable agent I ever met.”

Jon Wagner -Board Member  West Hollywood
“After several different building and earthquake policies with several major companies, our HOA made contact with the Elliot Katzovitz Agency and almost instantly cleared years of confusion. The agency not only brokered us very significant savings and better coverage, but helped us understand our own association better than we ever had.”

Marie Sudar – Property Manager  Pacific Palisades
“You did assist the Board greatly in the last renewal of the Earthquake insurance policy and also saved the Association money with a policy that fit the Association’s needs with the recent renewal now with EKIA for the commercial package policy.”

James Mason – Board Member  West Hollywood
“Elliot, you never cease to amaze me by staying on top of laws and thus keeping knowledgeable. One time we had a small claim, both you and your staff kept us posted regularly.

Gary Freeman – Board Member  Thousand Oaks
“Elliot has provided information that has allowed our association to maintain outstanding coverage with the best premium possible.”

Linda Hamp – Board Member   San Diego
“While we originally called for Earthquake Insurance, we were given a free quote from Mr. Katzovitz on our regular HOA insurance policy and he gave us a huge improvement in coverage for the same price we were paying another company with inferior coverage that could have cost us thousands in losses! Thank You – You all are a great team!!”

Will Weeks – Board Member  Alhambra
“Your service & response time to any and all requests is above & beyond any prior agents I have dealt with. But more importantly, you have managed to provide us with equal or better coverage for less money.”

Jay Prosch-Board Member  Port Hueneme
Elliot was extremely helpful & knowledgeable with helping us better understand our HOA insurance requirements. He and his staff are available to speak with “LIVE”, to ask questions & provide answers. We are glad to switch over to an agency that understands HOA insurance & can explain it so the layman understands.

Kleidy Hernandez-Property Manager  Culver City
“Great customer service, comprehensive information, thorough explanations, prompt response to emails, follow-up calls, and of course, very competitive quotes is what I’ve received from Elliot Katzovitz insurance Agency.”

Jim Hine-Property Manager  Malibu
“I’ve recommended at least 4 of my clients to EKIA, all have thanked me.”

Kelly Roha-Property Manager  Pasadena
“Elliot has been such a pleasure to work with. It brings great piece of mind to us and our clients to know we are in competent hands – Thank You!”

Paul Calvo-Apartment House Owner  West Covina
“The master policy that Elliot put together for us has saved me over $230,000 this year between premium savings on the buildings that I own and the reduction in costs in my management company. This doesn’t even begin to figure in all the new business that I am anticipating adding to company over the next 12 months.”

Randy Duncan-Insurance Agent  Bakersfield
“Now that I have seen your Master Policy Program, I have to tell you that, as a Farmers agent, I don’t have anything like it. If I specialized in apartments, I would be very worried. Your program is cutting edge, but if I were to offer it, I would be in violation of my Farmers contract.”

Ervin Mezey-Property Manager   Beverly Hills
“As a property manager for HOA’s, I am familiar with all the insurance companies.  When Elliot said he had something new I was skeptical.  He got me the coverage I was looking for at 22% less than I was previously paying when other companies declined altogether.”

Alice Maupin-Board Member  Los Angeles
“10 days after our first call, Elliot provided us with twice the earthquake coverage for less than half the cost of the best alternative offered by our previous agent . . .”

Sheldon Lazar-Property Manager  Encino
“We talked to several agents and all of them said there was nothing available.  All I could get was a $40,000 quote for a 14 unit complex.  Then I talked to Elliot and in just 2 days he brought us a solution for only $15,000. He even came to the meeting and explained it to the board.”

Jeff Levenson-Farmers Insurance Agent
“I refer all of my non-renewed associations to Elliot because I just can’t get access to the same coverage or carriers.”

Lee Kerns-Board Member  Los Angeles
“Last year we had a fire in our Bldg caused by a Roofing Co. When we called your agency about it they said – we will get the insurance adjuster out there immediately and the next day the insurance adjuster was here and very helpful etc.”