About hoa-insurance.info

This Site is presented as a public service by Elliot Katzovitz Insurance Agency, Inc. – California Association Insurance Specialists. Our goal is provide condominium owners and property managers with expert  insurance advice by offering insurance basics which will  help consumers to decipher confusing insurance quotes.

Hello, my name is Elliot Katzovitz and I’ve been helping people understand how Association insurance works for more than ten years. As the CEO of Elliot Katzovitz Insurance Agency, Inc., founded in 1995, my primary focus has been on providing education, resources and tools necessary to assist consumers in making smart choices when it comes to insurance.

For most people insurance is a mystery.

Because they do not understand it, people think they are being ripped off. I want to end all that. I’m an industry “insider”. I’ve sold insurance. I’ve studied it. I’ve discovered what makes “good insurance” — and what makes “bad insurance”. You see, I’ve been working inside the insurance industry for years. I’ve studied it in detail: from policy to claims. I know that not all insurances are created equal.

I’ve made a decision. I will reveal the inside secrets of how you can leverage the vast resources of this multi-billion dollar industry to get the proper coverage at a price you can afford. Since I specialize in the needs of condo associations and commercial property owners and know how important it is for you to protect such valuable assets, I have decided to dedicate myself to unlocking the mysteries of earthquake and property insurance to all visitors of this site.

I welcome you to Meet our staff.